For the past several weeks, the BTN Board has been considering the path forward with our annual National Bicycle Tourism Conference and whether we felt we could put on the same high quality networking and meeting event that you have come to expect and enjoy. We were looking forward to our reunion in Tempe, Arizona, however we have made the difficult decision to cancel the conference this November. There were several factors in our decision including travel budgets and the impact on rescheduled spring events for later this year.  At this time, we felt we could not proceed with the planning for the November conference. We have made arrangements to host the conference in Tempe in 2021 and 2022 and hope that you can join us then. 


The BICYCLE TOUR NETWORK (BTN) collectively represents hundreds of recreational bicycle tours, events and destinations throughout the world.  From multi-day bicycle events to one-day century rides, from small boutique cycling tours to weekend cycling festivals and from scenic biking destinations to advocacy events the BTN provides a service that matches touring cyclists with the best tours available in the world.

Annually, the BICYCLE TOUR NETWORK holds a national conference that allows members to meet and network with each other bicycle event and tourism professionals .  The conference includes lectures, interactive sessions, group discussions and breakouts with a variety of topics related to the successful and safe administration of cycling events and promoting bicycle tourism.  The next National Bicycle Tourism Conference will be held in Tempe, Arizona on November 10-13, 2021.

The BTN was formerly known as the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association and was formed over 30 years ago by a small core of ride directors for professional development, marketing and networking purposes. It has grown to include more than 100 organizations that direct nearly 350 bicycle rides and tours across North America.

 The primary purpose of BTN is to bring together the directors, coordinators, and organizers of multi-day bicycle tours throughout North America, including Canada and Mexico, Europe, and Asia to share ideas, learn ways to improve their events and promote responsible cycling.

When you choose a ride on the BICYCLE TOUR NETWORK, you know the event is run by organizers who follow the highest standards in the industry. Through the BTN, we share best practices, create benchmarks of quality, and work together to advance bicycling everywhere. Whether it’s a commercial touring company, a nonprofit organization or a fundraising ride, trust that the event you choose through the BTN will provide a great cycling adventure!


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